Moving Contracts

One of the most important things in the season is moving. The cost of moving and its items is a concern for people. We may not pay attention, but moving has costs that do not get much attention. Precisely because moving is different and also spatially different, accurate pricing cannot be had.

For a piece of moving, we must consider the following effective items:

  • The volume of furniture and home appliances
  • moving time and day
  • Number of floors at the origin and destination
  • Distance of truck parking place to home
  • Expensive supplies and items
  • The wage of a moving packing worker
  • Car type according to the number of items
  • Distance from the origin to destination

Each of the above has its own characteristics and items regarding the cost of moving. If we pay enough attention to it, we can control costs.

The volume of furniture and home appliances

The volume of furniture varies with the number of them, this is reflected in the fact that the car park is several floors away from the building. A house that has 50 large items is different from a house that has 100 small items.

In this case, packing the furniture is very important. As much as possible, but the furniture in the product boxes themselves and then in larger boxes, and since the type of packaging is very important, it also has a great effect on loading. Sometimes the way you pack has an impact on the type of car you choose, which also changes the price.

Home furniture is divided into several sections

Small-volume furniture, medium-volume furniture, large-volume furniture.

Small volume items

They make up most of the furniture in the house. They are very large in number and usually take more time to move around. The number of times it takes to collect, travel, and move is enormous. The important thing in transporting this furniture is the arrangement in the truck. These items are carried by one person and do not weigh much.

Medium volume tools

These include furniture such as chairs, four-seater or small tables, honeycombs, small cupboards, folding tables, rugs, and more. These pieces of furniture are of medium weight, sometimes they can be carried by two people, and if they are not arranged properly in the truck, they occupy a large volume.

Large volume items

These pieces of furniture are small in number but require a lot of physical strength to move. Moving them is very sensitive and sometimes costly. In some special cases, the presence of a representative at the place may be required. Some companies have a special force to move some equipment. These devices are large in size and require several people to move (two people up). Such as refrigerators, cupboards, showcases, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, carpets, etc.

The volume of furniture and appliances is important in determining the truck. This affects the price. For example, the price of a light truck differs from that of a truck. In the following, we have given a full explanation about this case.

Furniture time and day

Usually, the season of the moving house starts from the beginning of summer, and during these days, due to the increase in furniture and the decrease in the number of professionals, the amount increases unintentionally. After the end of the summer season and the reduction of furniture and the abundance of professionals in this type of companies will continue to operate competitively, prices will decrease.

Note: In case of cold weather or frost, moving furniture is difficult at first and causes breakage of some items that are not flexible and can cause damage.

Number of floors at the origin and destination

Floors are one of the issues that affect the price of furniture. Which is both time-consuming and energy-consuming. There are some companies that calculate the cost of the first three hours as normal, but if an hour is added to the time, they receive an additional salary.

Note: The wages of each worker increase with the addition of each class.

Distance of truck parking place to home

Some home appliances, some of which are advanced, require the presence of a dealer at the time of relocation, or they may be relocated in a certain way. In this case, the agency will receive a fee for moving it or attending to move it.

For example side-by-side refrigerators, chandeliers, piano, aquarium in dimensions of one meter and above, special showcase, refrigerator 18 feet and above, cupboard, large sofa, library and heavy sideboard, large glass sideboards (dining table for 6 people and up) devices such as Treadmill, library with a height of more than 1.6 and….

Wage of a home furniture packing worker

Some families use corporate forces to pack their belongings, these companies will do the packing. Self-packaging amounts to amounts that vary depending on the type of equipment and their number.

Car type according to the amount of items

One of the costs of moving furniture is renting a truck. The type of car is selected depending on the amount of equipment. Each car has its own fare. For example, renting a light truck is different from renting a truck. We will explain how to price a car in the next section.

Distance from origin to destination

One of the factors that affect the price is the distance. These cases are divided into several cases.

In small towns, the cost is calculated within the city. Unless it is from one city to another if the destination is in another region but in the same province, the fare is calculated based on the transportation from city to city.

In large cities or regions, the cost is calculated differently (for example, from Zone 1 to Zone 2) or again in kilometers.

If the province is to the province or within the province but with a long-distance, then it is calculated in kilometers.

In the above cases, there may be a need for a bill of lading, which itself has a cost based on the distance and the amount of cargo.

Approximate pricing

Rates and pricing include 7 items:

  • Truck prices
  • For three hours with a small truck, about 330 thousand tomans. Depending on the city where you live
  • For two hours with a small truck (Nissan) about 180 to 200 thousand tomans. Depending on the city where you live
  • Furniture worker wages
  • The wage of a worker transporting home furniture for 3 hours and ground floor to the ground floor is about 85 thousand tomans.
  • The wage of the worker increases for the first classes and above, and for each class of transporting furniture is approximately between 10 to 15 thousand tomans based on the agreement of the parties.
  • If the time lasts more than three hours, the worker’s wage will be increased by about one third of the initial amount (30 thousand Tomans) every hour. In some cases it varies according to the amount and type of furniture.

Cargo insurance

The value of the cargo is one million tomans, the cargo insurance rate is 1500 tomans. To get the price of insurance and bill of lading, you should refer to the carriers.

The cost of transporting heavy equipment

The following items are not counted as home furniture and their cost is calculated separately:

  • Carry side-by-side refrigerator, half-side refrigerator, half-side design refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator 18 feet up
  • Piano
  • the closet
  • Library with a height of more than 1.6 meters.
  • Large sofa
  • Library and heavy buffet
  • Treadmill
  • Large glass buffets (dining table for 6 people and up)

Companies and freight workers receive special equipment at an additional cost, as follows:

Side-by-side movementEach floor15 Thousand Tomans
TreadmillEach floor15 Thousand Tomans
PianoEach floor60 Thousand Tomans
Dining table for 6 peopleEach floor15 Thousand Tomans
SafeEach floor40 Thousand Tomans
(per hundred kilograms)
washing machineEach floorUsually free
dishwasherEach floorUsually free
OvenEach floorUsually free
Open and close on the side 2 doorsFor each device80 Thousand Tomans
Open and close on the side 3 doorsFor each device100 Thousand Tomans
Open and close on the side 4 doorsFor each device120 Thousand Tomans
Open and close the curtainIn origin and destination50 Thousand Tomans
Open and connect the dishwasher and washing machine faucetIn origin and destination20 Thousand Tomans

The cost of moving special and heavy furniture

Important Note: If the building has an elevator, the cost of transporting cargo on one floor is calculated.

Excess costs

If the moving takes more than 3 hours, the extra cost will be added.

Table of surplus costs

Light truck pricesFor an extra hour110 Thousand Tomans
(one-third of the initial cost)
Nissan (small cargo)For an extra hour100 Thousand Tomans
(One half of the initial cost)
TruckFor an extra hour75 Thousand Tomans
(One half of the initial cost)
Workers wageFor an extra hourOne-third of the initial cost
The excess wage of the workerFor the first floor and up
Distance from the evacuation siteFor every meter more than 10 meters2 Thousand Tomans

Table of surplus costs

Packaging cost (optional)

Packing to collect furniture is the first step. This step is optional, and the person usually collects and packages their own furniture. But some companies do. The packaging is priced as follows:

Packaging equipment (bubble wrap, cellophane, and glue) + labor cost = cost of packing home furniture.

Some companies also arrange furniture. Which costs about 250 thousand tomans.

Unexpected costs

Expenses are said to occur very rarely. Which are added to the number of costs unintentionally.

Such as the right to stop, traffic, one-way fines, or being in the plan.

Sample Moving Contract

– The first paragraph
The first clause, like any other contract, includes the introduction of the parties and the details of their identity cards, in which the name and surname of the parties to the contract, father’s name, identity card or national code, address of residence, and the like must be clearly stated. And both parties must complete the form.

– Second paragraph
This section talks about the vehicle in question and its complete specifications along with the origin and destination.

– Third paragraph
The cost of transportation must be clearly stated, in numbers and letters in Rials, according to the weight of the equipment and supplies according to the tariff of the Ministry of Roads and the rate approved by the union.

– Fourth paragraph
The duration of the contract must be specified by mentioning the solar and official day and date of the country.

– Fifth paragraph
The method of payment must be specified. For example, what percentage of the total amount of relocation must be paid before loading and the rest is received in cash or by check is a matter to be specified in this paragraph. It is better to record all the amounts spent and provide a payment receipt for them to the customer.

– sixth paragraph
This section deals with legal deductions. In fact, the taxes on transportation that are set by the relevant organizations in this section are applicable.

– Seventh paragraph
The right to stamp the bill of lading is the responsibility of the company issuing the bill of lading. Responsible for the cost of the terminal, municipal tolls, and scales of the transport operator.

– Eighth paragraph
The terms of the shipment must be clear and fully explained and there must be no ambiguity for the parties to the contract.
For example, the placement of a person by the sender in the place of unloading the cargo as well as the place of loading during the whole period of transportation is one of the conditions of movement. Also, in case of loss of equipment or damage to property, it must be specified who will be responsible. Is this the responsibility of the transport operator? All of these items should be included in this paragraph in a completely transparent manner. If the trucks are overloaded at the place of loading or unloading, a separate fee will be charged for each hour spent. Transport operators have no right to receive money for bills of lading, billing, rewards, warehousing, and the like, and this must be mentioned in the contract and seen and signed by both parties.
The sender of furniture and furnishings must state the exact address of origin and destination, number of goods, their packaging, weight, and contents of packages, as well as the delivery time of goods and address in the contract and inform the company in the mentioned cases. Otherwise, he will be responsible for any damages and delays.
The place of unloading must be determined in such a way that there is no problem for the transport company in terms of traffic regulations.

– ninth paragraph
Special and unexpected conditions are discussed in this section. For example, if certain circumstances arise during the work for the transfer operator that leads to delays in the delivery of goods or an accident occurs that causes financial losses to the customer, he should inform him.

– tenth paragraph
Conditions that lead to the termination of the contract, such as violations in the implementation of any of the items mentioned in the contract in this section must be raised. In cases where a dispute arises between any of the parties to the contract and is not resolved through negotiation, it should be followed up through an arbitrator.
All clauses of the contract must be approved by the parties, and at the end, both parties must sign the approved items together with the contract lawyer.

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