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With the proliferation of day-to-day activities digitally, such as renting property or purchasing equipment, building painting other services that were commonplace on a daily basis and were mostly done in person have generally shifted to E-learning, such as contracting services. Home, etc., but in this way, problems have also involved people and businesses due to this change. Guaranteeing the performance of work by the contractor to provide services or goods, as well as guaranteeing the payment of remuneration by the employer are some of the most important of these challenges. In recent years, the development of blockchain technology among technology enthusiasts, as well as the implementation of smart contract platforms on this network, has made transparency in contracts and guarantees in this way easier.

Comprehensive contracting contracts with quality assurance and payment with GC Perfect, do it in the simplest possible way and leave the arrangement of your contracting contracts to us and, no longer worry about the quality of work and payment .

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One of the important services that you can entrust and manage a smart contract to the superior  GC Perfect is building painting, which is a subset of the superior building contractor system building decoration services .

, we will review the important points of this issue .

building painting It is one of the works that can give different and attractive effects to the interior surfaces of your house. Contrary to popular belief that painting the ceiling and walls is an easy task, it requires skill and the use of special tricks .

Paint is a decal covering for doors, walls, ceilings, columns, windows, and so on. Since the price of building paint is more affordable than other metallic materials that play the role of cover, most homeowners choose paint to cover the roof and walls of their house .

done in the final stages of joinery, so you can choose the desired color according to your taste and give a unique beauty to the surfaces. In the previous writings of the builder Types of buildings, paints were introduced and sometimes the differences between them were analyzed .

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the important points in painting a building. If you want to choose the suitable and suitable color and paint your house in the best way to be with us at the end .

building painting

Necessary measures before painting the building

One of the most important things that can be done before painting a building is plastering and sanding the surfaces. If there is a hole or crack on the wall, it should be filled and smoothed with putty and a spatula, and after drying, sanding should be used.

The sandpaper creates a smooth, uniform wall for painting by removing bumps and lines. If there is scaly paint on the wall, remove it with a spatula and prepare the surface for painting.

This stage of painting plays a very effective role in the appearance and beauty of the color and leads to the creation of a smooth and polished surface.

After plastering, sanding and, leveling It’s time to dump her and move on. Some people start painting a lot after doing these two things, but it should be noted that the perimeter covers the lines caused by sanding, and in fact, Rasaz is considered a painter.

Prepares a piece of plaster for painting. At this stage, the surface is ready for painting, but in order to prevent the paint from spilling on the key, the plugs and centuries must be taped on them. Be.

When painting, paint droplets are placed on the floor of the building and can be easily cleaned. Dye cloth is used to remove the paint on the floor.

To prevent the paint from splattering on the glass, you can stick a newspaper on them and if there is paint on the glass, clean it with a spatula.

Types of building painter brushes

Paintbrushes are offered to customers in both natural and artificial types in paint sales centers. The artificial brush does not absorb water and does not swell, which is why it is very suitable for water-based paints.

In contrast, natural bristles are a good choice for solvent-based paints, as they create a smooth surface. At present, the brushes that are newly introduced to the market are suitable for all types of paints and can be easily applied. He fought with them without any fault.

Important executive points in building painting

The use of paintbrushes prolongs the time of painting more and more walls, which is why most building painters now use rollers to cover ceilings and walls.

First, he had to paint the edges of the wall with a brush, then he painted the wall with a roller. It should be noted that before painting the building in order to remove dust from the roller and after painting to remove the paint from it, the roller must be washed.

An acceptable result and an increase in the adhesion of the paint to the surfaces is a very important whole; Especially if you have plastered the surface, it may be possible to apply the original color directly on the putty, making the color different from what is expected.

The paint to be used as a primer should be completely dry, then the original paint should be applied to it. If the primer color is the same color as the final work, then the work coating is reinforced and there is no need for more layers to cover the surface.

painting of the ceiling, in contrast to the painting of the ceiling, which is done from the top to the bottom, is done in the width of the room. Before painting the ceiling, remove the extra paint from the roller or brush so that they do not drip from the ceiling after painting. The painting of the ceiling should start from the corners and then reach the whole surface.

building painting

Types of paints used in building painting

Paints are sold in a variety of plastics and glossy matte oils, each with its own unique characteristics. Oil paints have a longer life and are easier to clean due to the glossy surface and can remove stains and dust from the wall.

The only drawbacks of oil paints are that they show the ridges and imperfections of the walls, so before painting with oil paint, the surface should be perfectly smooth. And be coded. In contrast, plastic paint covers surface imperfections but is less durable.


One of the advantages of painting is that in case of unpleasant effects, it can be repainted and a combination of different colors can be used.

Coloring gives you countless options for choosing the color of your background, so do not limit your choices to just one color. Also, before buying the paint, measure the area of the surfaces and prepare the paint according to your consumption.

Asked Questions

What should be done before starting to paint a building?

One of the most important things to do before painting a building is to putty and sand the surfaces. If the hole or crack is on the wall, use putty and a spatula to fill it and smooth it, and after drying, use sandpaper.

What precautions should be taken to prevent paint from spilling onto different parts of the home ?

In order to prevent staining of the paint on the key, the plugs and centuries should be taped on them, the fabric should be used to stamp the paint on the floor. And you can stick newspapers on them to prevent the paint from scattering.

brushes are there?

Paintbrushes are available in both natural and synthetic brushes. Artificial brushes do not absorb water and do not swell, which is why they are water-based paints. It is very convenient.

In contrast, natural brushes are a good choice for solvent-based paints because they create a smooth surface.

What types of building paints are available ?

Paints are sold in a variety of plastics and glossy matte oils, each with its own unique characteristics. Also, alkyd, acrylic, and tex paints are other types of building paints.

of a complete building painting and painting contract, which is mostly used in large-scale contracting contracts between companies and with mass -producers and natural persons, the terms of which, of course, are agreed upon by the parties. Partial contracts can also be modified and used.

Sample building paint contract

This contract is in progress between …….. On behalf of……….. company, who will be named after the employer’s side by side Mr. ……… with ID number ……. Issued by ……. To mark ….. The telephone, which is named after the contractor, is signed and exchanged by the other party with the following terms and conditions.

1 – The subject of the contract

It is the act of painting a building as follows and based on a price inquiry that has been approved in full and signed by the contractor, including :

A ) The surface of the oil includes:

1- LF oil

2- Two-handed putty and rough sanding

3- Apply primer with oil paint

4- The second and third strains and primers

5- Sanding the skin

6 – The color of the layer

B ) The plastic color of the ceilings includes :

1- Oil paint

2- Two-handed putty and rough sanding

3- The first and second primers and stains

4- The third primer

5- The color of the layer

2 – Contract documents

The documents and technical specifications attached to the contract are as follows :

2-1 – The present contract

2-2 – Special technical specifications that are communicated to the contractor by the employer and general technical specifications of the country’s management and planning organization ( publication 55. Second revision) of which the contractor is aware of the provisions.

It is part of the contract documents without attachment.

2-3 – Physical success table and estimation of approximate quantities of work

2-4 – Price inquiry

2.5 – Planning the progress of the work and the agendas and the minutes of the assemblies and agreements and any other document that is prepared and signed for the work or other matters during the contract Reach the other side.

Note – If there is a discrepancy between some of the above documents, firstly, the present contract, including the terms of the contract and the price inquiry, and secondly, the private and public technical specifications, thirdly, the table. Physical achievement and estimating the approximate amount of tasks and work progress program will be practical, and if this discrepancy is related to prices, Physical achievement table _ _ _ _ _ When and estimating the approximate amount of work will be valid.

3 – The amount of the contract

amount of the contract is based on the inquiry of the contractor’s proposal price up to Rials in accordance with the contract specifications and the approved price inquiry, which is based on the status of the progress of the work according to Confirmation of the monitoring device will be payable.

Note e – The cases whose price is not foreseen in the contract and should be executed by the contractor according to the plan and specifications, its price is determined based on the agreement and according to the others. Refunds will be included in the contract supplement and the employer can Increase the contract by 25 % _ Or reduce and contract _ Is obliged to do and execute work.

Note – In the agreed prices, 60 % is for the supply of materials and 40 % is for wages.

4 – Duration of the contract

duration of the contract is one month and the beginning of the period is from the first date of the minutes of the workshop delivery and, the contractor is committed to doing at least 97 % of the work subject to the contract during the contract period and request from the employer.

5 – The period of guaranteeing these works

Good performance of all operations subject to the contract from the date of temporary delivery for a period of …….. solar months is not guaranteed by the contractor and this period of the guarantee period It is named and if during the period of guaranteeing defects and defects in the works, it is seen that it is due to non-observance of the technical specifications and performance of the contractor, the employer shall mention the cases by mentioning Defects and defects of the page and its location must be notified in writing to the contractor and the contractor is obliged to start removing the defects and defects at his own expense no later than 2 days after the notification and Eliminate the period determined by the employer’s consent.

Note e – If the contractor fails to fulfill his obligation, the employer has the right to represent the defect and defect directly or in a way that he deems appropriate, and to pay no more than 15 % of the total amount. Withdraw from the place of claims and deposits guaranteed by the contractor.

6 – Supervision

Supervision in the implementation of the obligations that the contractor has undertaken in accordance with the provisions of this contract and its attached documents is the responsibility of the employer and the contractor is obliged to perform the work in accordance with the contract and technical principles. As well as execute the instructions and instructions issued by the supervisor of the workshop or the supervisory body within the specifications of the documents required for the contract.

7 – Price adjustment

This contract is not subject to any modification.

8 – How to pay

8-1 – The contractor is obliged to prepare a report on the work performed based on the progress of the work.

8-2 – The prepared status statement can be paid after the approval of the employer and the approval of the monitoring device after deduction of deductions as follows.

A ) Deduction of 10 % for guaranteeing the good performance of the work ( this amount will be paid to the contractor by the end of the period and final delivery and defect repair certificate )

B ) Deduction of 5 % of the relevant tax from wages.

9 – Contractor Obligations and Technical Specifications

9-1 – The contractor is obliged to complete the subject of the contract within the times specified in the work progress plan and to transfer the employer to the penalties related to the unauthorized delay of the contractor. The amount will be calculated on a daily basis and will be deducted from the balance sheet.

9-2 – The contractor sees the workplace and the type and quality of work and related plans and commits his ability to perform the subject of the contract.

9-3 – The contractor is obliged to prepare the necessary work tools and materials (paint, oil, mortar, etc. ) at the workplace and to provide the necessary factors. Full knowledge is personally employed and present at the place of execution of the subject of the contract, control and, approval of the factors is the responsibility of the contractor and the employer is not responsible for this.

9-4 – The contractor is obliged to submit all the materials used in the project to the approval of the supervisory body in accordance with Article 6 of the contract before use. It is obvious that any damage resulting from the use of materials If not, it will be the responsibility of the contractor.

9-5 – The contractor is obliged to confirm the previous stage to the approval of the monitoring device before the end of each stage of work.

9-6 – The contractor is obliged to clean the stones and floors of the building and the stones of the century, which are stained with colored stains, after finishing the work.

9-7 – The contractor is obliged to adjust his work schedule in a way that does not harm the progress of the work of other executive groups.

9-8 – The contractor is fully responsible for the proper execution of the works subject to the contract based on the specifications, plans and, written instructions of the employer and the supervisory body and the supervision provided by the employer or his representatives in the Execution of works can significantly reduce these responsibilities.

9-9 – Providing human resources to do work and pay salaries, benefits, etc., providing accommodation, food and, shelter for workers and employees of the road and equipment. In order to prevent accidents and hazards caused by the work, the contractor will be responsible for the loss of life and property and the employer will not have any related responsibilities and, The contractor will be responsible and accountable.

9-10 – The contractor is obliged to observe the following technical specifications in such a way that the painted surfaces have the following specifications:

A ) The apparent convergence in color

B ) The uniformity of the matte and transparent color

C ) Lack of wave and shadow due to putty and other

D ) No wrinkles and no spread of paint on the surface

E ) Compliance of the applied layer with the specifications (if the thickness is less than necessary, repainting should be done )

F ) O full coverage without cracks

G ) Non-sticking of painted surfaces by hand or clothing

H ) Lack of any drums due to wet surface

I ) The absence of painted surfaces from the effects of painting brushes and ladders

J ) Clean and dust-free surfaces

K ) The directness of the joint of two painted surfaces with different colors

L ) No web defects such as spreading, dripping, inflating and, leaking

10 – My Issues

The contractor is required to observe the following:

10-1 – When painting or preparing paint indoors should avoid smoking and burning waste.

10-2 – Fire extinguishing capsules should be available and available on site. At the end of the working hour, all contaminated and thin cloths should be collected and They should be used in a container full of water for use in the following days.

10-3 – Tins should be kept in safe containers and away from areas where there is a high risk of fire as soon as possible.

10-4 – When using paint in indoor spaces such as tanks, the presence of strong and proportionate fans is essential.

10-5 – A person who paints indoors or tries to clean metals with various tools, should always wear special mouth and mouth masks. Do not use to prevent inhalation of gaseous materials and dust.

10-6 – Avoid inhalation of gases in paint solvents.

10-7 – Before painting the gypsum coatings, first apply the gypsum waves with a spatula and sandpaper, paint the large surface spots with live gypsum and small cracks with gypsum. Kill the rand and then apply soft sandpaper to it to prepare the putty.

11 – Temporary Delivery

After the contractor has performed at least 97 % of the operations subject to the contract according to the specifications of the drawings and the documents attached to the subject of the contract, provided that the remaining or discontinued works are related to the price. Most of the work is not basic or in a way that makes it impossible to use the work done. The Temporary change is formed. The commission will prepare a list of defects and unfinished works and operations and will attach a temporary change to the form of the parliament in order to eliminate the defects and defects. An unfinished period will be given to the contractor, and the contractor is obliged to take action to eliminate the defects and defects within the prescribed period, and the certificate of elimination of the defect will be received from the employer, and the guarantee period will expire The defect will be fixed in a month.

12 – Definitive Transformation

At the end of the guarantee period specified in Article 5 of the Employer Contract, at the request of the contractor of the members of the commission, the final delivery as well as the date of formation of the commission shall be the same. The manner in which the temporary change is foreseen is determined and communicated to the contractor, who, after inspecting the work, whenever there is a defect. If the contractor works, the observation will not be finalized and the relevant minutes will be prepared immediately and the employer will notify the contractor of its approval.

Note e – Whenever the commission observes any defects resulting from the contractor’s work in the operation subject to the contract, they will be treated in accordance with Article 5 of the contract.

13 – Number of copies of the contract

This contract is not signed in 13 articles and 5 notes and in three copies and all copies that have a single validity are signed by the party and from the date of conclusion for the parties. It must be implemented.

Employer Contractor

What should I do to sign a building painting contract?

you have to do is enter the panel of  GC Perfect and choose your desired contractor from among the existing building painting contractors according to the location, points and, views of other users. Leave the rest to us.

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