Building heating and cooling systems

With the proliferation of day-to-day activities digitally, such as renting property or purchasing equipment, building painting other services that were commonplace on a daily basis and were mostly done in person have generally shifted to E-learning, such as contracting services. Home, etc., but in this way, problems have also involved people and businesses due to this change. Guaranteeing the performance of work by the contractor to provide services or goods, as well as guaranteeing the payment of remuneration by the employer are some of the most important of these challenges. In recent years, the development of blockchain technology among technology enthusiasts, as well as the implementation of smart contract platforms on this network, has made transparency in contracts and guarantees in this way easier.

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In the following, we will review the important points of this issue.

Classification of different types of heating and cooling systems of buildings

There are many different ways to classify different types of heating and cooling systems of buildings (air conditioning) in different groups, which we refer to in this text. In this text, we generally describe the structure of 10 types of widely used cooling and heating systems.

Building heating and cooling systems

Types of heating and cooling systems of buildings in terms of application

These systems are divided into two main types in terms of application:

1. Non-industrial heating and cooling systems

The purpose of their application is to create suitable environmental conditions to increase the level of concentration, and comfort, increase the efficiency of people in the building and create a healthy environment. Residential, office, store, restaurant, theater, hospital, school, and mosque air conditioning systems are in this category.

۲. Industrial heating and cooling systems

The purpose of using these systems is primarily to control the environmental conditions suitable for research work and industrial production processes. For example, manufacturing tolerances in the electronics, aerospace, computer, etc. industries are such that precise control of temperature and humidity is required. The use of ventilation systems in textile factories, paper making, confectionery production, printing, and photography industrial units, etc. is essential. Secondly, it creates an environment for people to be comfortable and increase their level of concentration at work. The third level is to prevent polluted air from entering the building or industrial shed from the outside and also to prevent the spread of pollutants to the outside.

Types of heating and cooling systems of the building according to the seasons

1. Winter air conditioning systems

Such as engine room boiler and package as a spa generator, unit heaters, radiators, underfloor heating system, fan coil, air conditioner, and… as a heat exchanger between the spa and indoor air

۲. Summer air conditioning systems

Such as chillers and mini-chillers to create cold water and send it to indoor units such as fan coils and air conditioners through piping

Building heating and cooling systems

3. Four seasons of air conditioning

These systems are a combination of summer and winter. Such as GHP gas central air conditioning system, VRF electric air conditioning system, duct split, zent device, Economop, unit package, air washer along with hot and cold air distribution devices such as air conditioner and fan coil

Building heating and cooling systems

Types of heating and cooling systems of buildings in terms of equipment arrangement

1. Central air conditioning systems

Central means that heat and cold generating equipment is installed outside the ventilated area (such as the engine room or on the roof).

Hot water boiler, boiler, hot air oven and…

Types of chillers and mini chillers for air cooling, water cooling and absorption

Rooftop Package (Unit Package), Zent and Airwasher

۲. Single unit or package systems

A unit or package means that the system is built in the factory as a complete set and is ready for installation.

Wall-mounted gas package

Split (gas cooler) and…

3. Combined systems

In these systems, central and single-unit features and benefits are combined.

GHP gas central air conditioning system

VRF electric air conditioning system

Duct split and….

The above is in fact the most important generators of heating and cooling. In addition to these generators, equipment must be installed whose job is to exchange heat between cold water, hot water, or refrigerant with indoor air and regulate temperature, humidity control, air distribution at the appropriate speed and direction, and the most important of which are:

air conditioner

Fan coil

Industrial heater unit

What should I do to sign a contract for the heating and cooling systems of the building?

you have to do is enter the panel of  GC Perfect and choose your desired contractor from among the existing contractors according to the location, points, and views of other users. Leave the rest to us.

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