Facility contracting contract

First of all, it should be stated that building facilities are a basic and vital need of the building and all cooling and heating facilities, electricity, lighting, audio and video, water and sewage, sanitation and…. To create, you need a facility contract, which is a contract with specialized contractors. A contractor is a natural or […]

What is a smart contract?

To define smart contracts, it is better to give you an example. Imagine that he intends to renovate and repair his villa. This is a relatively complex and tedious process that requires a lot of paperwork, communication with different companies and individuals, as well as acceptable information about the field and its risks. This is […]

Contract Management System

Contractors in today’s industry face challenges that include, unpaid/delayed payment of work, unplanned changes to the scope of work, and friction due to unprofessionalism. Contractors currently face a significant issue of having to constantly pursue their money and remind their customers of outstanding payments. In most cases these payments are received after long delays and […]

Contract Management Service

Contract management software is an electronic approach to solving these problems. Contract management software suites can organize all contract paperwork. Companies often invest in contract management when they reach a sufficient size, or stages of growth, that means contract volumes are growing out of control. Risk increases rapidly here so it’s a good time to […]