Contract Management System

Contractors in today’s industry face challenges that include, unpaid/delayed payment of work, unplanned changes to the scope of work, and friction due to unprofessionalism.

Contractors currently face a significant issue of having to constantly pursue their money and remind their customers of outstanding payments. In most cases these payments are received after long delays and possibly with additional costs (in the event that these contractors had to take up legal action). The length of these delays can be further exacerbated through the limitations imposed by popular software used by a majority of contractors, such as Quickbook, Microsoft and Email. Hence, this creates a lot of wasted time and unstable revenue.

GC Perfect provides small and medium contractors a tool to professionally manage their business. Key features include, but are not limited to, management of customer contracts, the capture and documentation of change requests, invoice and payment management, customer communication and expectation management, and dispute resolution processes (via several mechanisms including escrow).

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